Starting the New Year!

17 Jan

We’re very excited to start the New Year off running our menu and shop at 100% again! Some of our loyal and privy kats may have heard that our kitchen was flooded back in the beginning of November. This knocked out our ability to serve you all the delicious sandwiches you had come to know and love until the repairs and remodeling were finished. Unfortunately, that was not finished until last week on January 15th. Fortunately, it’s all nice, shiny and new!

In other news, our fabulous menu chef, Heidi Lovig, has expanded her vegan cheese concoctions outside of Jazzkat’s Coffee Bar! Heidi’s creations were so popular here in our coffee bar, she’s now been able to launch her own vegan cheese line which she debuted at VegFest 2010, secured her a kitchen of her own to create from, and is already being carried be FoodFight! We love that our business partnership put her foot in the door of creating a local and organic vegan cheese, but we especially appreciate that the support and excitement of all of you, our customers, helped take her beyond our doors and into the rest of the community.

Be sure to take note of our new, extended hours and check out what’s On Our Walls. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, be sure to follow us and be on the lookout for our loyal customer deals. See you for your next coffee break!

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New Menu Debut Party!

16 Jun

You’re invited to New Menu Debut at Jazzkat’s Coffee Bar
Dave’s Killer Bread!

Jazzkat’s Coffee Bar is proud to announce the launching of our new menu on June 26th!

The menu at Jazzkat’s hasn’t been changed in over 5 years, but owner/coffee slinger Whitney Baskins has decided it’s high time the Hollywood neighborhood had some more healthy, gourmet lunch choices (especially with vegan options). Whitney hired professional chef Heidi Lovig to create a new and inclusive menu, in which every sandwich can be made vegan. The vegan sandwiches will feature Heidi‘s own organic and locally made vegan cheeses and butters. To celebrate this big, healthy change, we’re having a menu launching party!

Our New Menu Debut Party should be a real hootenanny! We’ll have live jazz music from Da’Basement Jazz (the kind you can kick your heels and holla back to), free swag (coloring books, stickers, t shirts) from Dave’s Killer Bread (one of three base options for our new sandwiches), and complimentary adult beverages.

The menu is just about finalized, there may be a couple small changes, but you can find what we’re launching on the new menu right here!

See you at the party!


Our New Home on the Web!

09 Jun

We’re finally getting this website off the ground, so you have an easy place to come and find out what’s going on at Jazzkat’s!

We’ve posted our new menu (set to debut June 26th, we hope to see you there), we’re making an events page (so you can find a list off all the fun times planned to happen within our doors), and we’re making a page just for our talented artists (we rotate local artists on our cafe’s walls for your viewing pleasure)! Our friend Blue is working on the set up, so please let us know what you think.